Challenge description

In order to get the machines back into operation as quickly as possible in case of a costly failure, Wahlers offered its customers “help for self-help” in addition to the telephone via WhatsApp.

Due to the lack of business compatibility, this was only a temporary solution. A more suitable solution was sought. Furthermore they wanted to give the customer more business specific informations and services.

Solution aim

They use the ROBO-AI Messenger as a Web application. Push-notifications will send for Android devices via browser push notifications or a SMS for IOS-devices. On Wahlers side, they use the Webclient on desktop, tablet or mobile. Integration of their own system ,,Tech DB’’ 

For customers individual business informations, we built a separate functionality ,,My Wahlers’’.

For global informations they use the News functionality.

Business goal(s) achieved

The machine operators communicate with ROBO-AI Messenger to the Wahlers’ service in different categories to reach the responsible agent.

Furthermore, customers are provided with specific information, f.e. in case of maintenance or necessary service work, via the Messenger. These messages are generated directly in “Tech DB”. 

In a separate area ,,MyWahlers”, the customer receives information about his orders, machines and jobs directly in the app. 

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