Challenge description

During vehicle inspections, urgent questions often have to be clarified promptly. The service center was mainly reachable by telephone. Often there were longer waiting times, because either the responsible employee was busy or files such as ABE as a document or pictures had to be exchanged to visualize the problem or help to solve problems. This often happened by mail. Due to the media break this procedure was very complicated and time-consuming. Until a topic was clarified, the customer often had to come back to the test center. 

Solution aim

The ROBO.AI Messenger was integrated into the already existing app ,,GTÜ-Welt”. If an engineer opens a conversation, he can choose a category for reaching the responsible agent in the service-center. Further we also integrated our news functionality also in the app. The clients login works directly over the app access data. On company side, our WebClient will be used to answer the partners questions and create the global news.

Business Goals achieved

With the ROBO.AI-Messenger, the test engineers can briefly describe their problems, send a picture without media break and get necessary instructions or documents direct into the app. Conversely, communication can be controlled much more easily in the service center, because agents can prepare themselves for the answer directly based on the question. The customer mostly comes only once. Over the news-functionality, important information such as changes in the law that affect the testing process are sent by push into the app. 

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