COVID-19 Stay Informed bot


With the arrival of Coronavirus and COVID-19, countries all over the world were suddenly forced to face a pandemic. Unfortunately, some people did not have access to resources that would allow them to be better prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones in this health crisis. Lack of information, or just incorrect, could contribute to spreading the disease and put lives at an unnecessary risk.

This was an area where Two Impulse could give a hand. In March 2020, through an intense team effort and with the help of partners, volunteers and other supporters, the Cosibot project was launched.

Reliable Content on Multiple Channels


Cosibot was a non-profit initiative that allowed for anyone, or any company, to install a free chatbot that provided answers about COVID-19. These were based only on reputable sources, like the World Health Organization or the Robert-Koch-Institute.

Lives were at risk and time was at the essence, so we wanted to help people as soon as possible. Our technical skills along with the team’s incredible dedication allowed us to develop and deploy the chatbot in under 2 weeks. It was the first multichannel chatbot dedicated to COVID-19 in the market. 

Users all over the world could interact with Helen (a virtual assistant) by writing or speaking questions in 4 languages (English, German, Spanish and Portuguese), on any website with the chatbot installed, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and via SMS.


People Served


Organizations Adopted Cosibot


Questions Answered


Languages Supported

Making a Difference


20 organizations or companies adopted the chatbot. Between them and our own channels, over 100 000 people, from 45 countries, interacted with Helen.
In total, over 500 000 questions were answered.

The chatbot covered 159 topics and achieved a remarkable average confidence of 87%

In March 2022, two years after starting the project, we gave Helen her due rest and closed Cosibot.
Looking back, we’re happy to believe that
we have made a difference.

Cosibot - Chatbot

The Cosibot project is an example of our capabilities as a company. It was build on top ROBO-AI, and making use of our experience in Conversational AI and Partership capabilites. If you’re interested in knowing more about our chatbot solutions, check our Conversational AI services or the ROBO-AI product page.