For Developers, Data Scientists and Content Managers

The ROBO.AI Bot SDK allows development of complex bots. It offers tools for developers, data scientists, linguists and content managers to work together.

It builds on the top of the open source RASA framework, the most flexible and cutting-edge chatbot development framework on the market, with a community of thousands of developers worldwide.

Multi-Language Support

We add multi-language support to RASA, allowing for development and maintenance of multi-language chatbots, keeping a common code and content base for stories, actions and other logic.

In other words, it makes the task of maintaning a bot in different languages very easy.

Easily deploy a RASA Bot to the Cloud

Do you have a bot developed in RASA? With our tools and a few changes, you can quickly train it and deploy it to the cloud, making it availabe to your customers.

Take advantage of all the powerful tools or ROBO-AI while using one of the best open source frameworks on the market.

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