Evolving Customer Messaging

All companies want to provide the best customer service possible to their customers. After all, customers are the pillar of a company’s existence. And the happier they are, the better the chances for profits to increase. It’s a Win-Win situation.

We, at Two Impulse, want to make sure that companies have the best tools to make it happen. That’s why we’re here to help them supercharge their customer service. And this time we are not only providing the tools to make great chatbots, we’re also helping companies to do it very easily and super fast.


Introducing the Bot Studio

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of ROBO-AI (v1.3) is live now! With it we’re introducing the Bot Studio, a no-code bot development solution that allows you to go to market with a chatbot faster than ever before. Here’s a sneak peek:

Customer Messaging - Bot Studio dashboard

We build customer messaging tools that are not only unique on the market but that also enable developing and maintaining high quality scalable chatbots easily.This new beta release allows you to create bots with a very simple to use and accessible User Interface. And we planned it so that anyone can train and make the bot available online. 

You can also import sample content into your bot and give it its own personality. Then you can communicate with over 20% of the world population, as the Bot Studio is prepared to create bots in three languages: English, German and Portuguese.


Main features of the Bot Studio:

  • Editing of Welcome Messages – You can configure how the bots greet your customers.
  • FAQ Stories – Allows you to create simple FAQ content that your bot can answer.
  • Fallback Stories – Allows you to handover to an agent when the bot is not sure.

You can know more about the bot studio and register to test it firsthand in the Bot Studio page.

You can also read our tutorials in our product documentation pages.

Customer Messaging chatbot & Bot Studio features

Other improvements in the ROBO-AI v1.3 release:

Besides the introduction of the Bot Studio, the latest release of ROBO-AI included a few other updates. These are not so visible but very important towards the stability and overall user experience of the product.

  • Several bug fixes
  • Improved GDPR support for automated data deletion
  • Enhanced Reporting

Read more about ROBO-AI on our product pages.

Paulo Nunes

I'm an entrepreneur and AI enthusiast, CEO of Two Impulse