Manage your bot content easily

  • Easily configure your chatbot with a simple UI
  • Train our bot to answer all you FAQs
  • Import our sample content to give your bot a personality
  • Easily configure the chat widget and other channels to reach out to your customers everywhere.
  • Configure fallback messages and handoff to Customer Service Chat

Connect Channels

Make your chatbot available on multiple channels:

  • Web – using our Chat Widget
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Pages and Messenger
  • SMS

The shortest path to Conversational AI

  • Quickly open¬† a messaging channel to collect the voice of your customer
  • Deploy a simple chatbot in hours, not days or weeks
  • No need for developers or data scientists to launch something fast
  • Setup a handover to your customer service and live chat easily

No product brings you faster to market.

Remove the hurdle of a long project and open the messaging channel in a few days with the ROBO-AI Bot Studio.