Flexible and Easy to Configure

The ROBO-AI widget offers dozens of options to change its look and & feel, language, disclaimer, GDPR complicance, rating and feedback. It is very easy to configure a code snippet that can be simply added to any website.

Rich Content

The chat widget offers much more than chat features: it is able to create rich interactions using buttons, hints, carousels, and display rich content in HTML, Pictures and Videos.

Voice Interaction

It also allows for voice interaction. Your customers can ask questions to a voice assistant and get answers on audio as well.

Powerful Assistive Concept

ROBO-AI’s Assistive Technology allows you to build an experience that observes and responds to your visitor’s behavior, as well as guiding them to the right content or page on your website. Imagine a digital assistant that not only talks to your customer, but also shows them and guides them through the whole experience. There are virtually not limits to what can be done. The limit is your creativity.


Embedded Mode

The ROBO-AI chat widget supports two modes: embedded or popup. The popup mode offers the typical popup chat experience that can be minimised and placed at the bottom right or left of the screen. The embedded mode offers a novel experience: you can include the chat widget anywhere on your webpage, making it an integral part of the experience.

Along with ROBO-AI’s assistive technology, you can provide a superior customers experience, unique on the market.

Start offering a superior experience to your customers.

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