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Conversational AI

ROBO-AI Conversational AI helps your automate conversations with customers and offering them a superior customer experience through different channels, fully integrated with your IT landscape.

Automate conversations with Customers

Answer Questions in their favorite channels and be there 24/7 for them

Your customers can talk to your company through the channels that they use every day: your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype or others. A ROBO.AI chatbot can start the conversation and try to answer their questions or fulfill their wishes. If at some point, human support is required, we can escalate to a real agent.


Use our Bot Studio or SDK to create and maintain bots that automate conversations with your customers in various channels. Integrate Channels, Speech-to-text, Text-to-Speech to create a superior multi-channel customer experience.


A voicebot can answer the phone for you and guide your customers through an incredible experience. Answer questions about your products, make appointments, track orders and much more.

Bot Studio

Anyone can build a Bot. No Code required.

Use the ROBO.AI bot studio to quickly develop a chatbot that answers FAQ ans triages Customer’s questions. Deploy a chatbot to production in hours, instead of days or weeks.


Use the ROBO.AI Bot SDK to develop chatbots that really scale.

Use our SDK based on the RASA open source framework, to build chatbots that really scale. We added multi-language, omni-channel and integration and Chatbot Ops capabilities on top of the RASA framework that allow your team to design, build and maintain chatbots than can serve thousands of customers, answer thousands of questions and provide complex workflows.


Chat Widget

Easy to configure chat widget to add to your website.

ROBO.AI’s chat widget allows delivering rich interactions and content on mobile, tablets, laptop and desktop environments. With its popup and embedded modes, it allows the creation of a truly unique customer experience. Our advanced UI technology, allows a chatbot to guide a website visitor to the right webpages, and display the right content dinamically.

ROBO-AI Chat Widget

Powerful Analytics

Deliver the right KPI to your team.

  • Real time insights
  • All relevant customer service KPIs
  • Export to Excel
  • Connect your BI tools through our APIs

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