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Live Messenger 

The ROBO-AI live messenger connects customers with organizations through the web and messaging channels. Offer live chat on your website and on messaging channels easily.

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Simplify how customers connect with you

Customers Love Messaging

Many customers prefer live or asynchronous messaging to email or phone. You are able help them on the spot, responding to their queries via chat.

One Tool. All Channels.

Customers prefer brands that offer support through messaging channels.  Support customers where they are – on modern conversational experiences like WhatsApp, Facebook, your website, and inside your mobile app. Simplify agent responses with a single inbox.

Real-Time Analytics

The ROBO-AI live messenger delivers the right insight and KPIs to your team.

  • Real time insights
  • All relevant customer service KPIs
  • Export to Excel
  • Connect your BI tools through our APIs

Automate Conversations in a Hybrid Approach

Increase efficiency and be there 24/7

In combination with ROBO-AI Conversational AI, automate conversations totally or partially using a chatbot in your messenger.

You can have a chatbot triaging the customer’s question and redirecting them to the right support group.

Everyone wins with a conversational approach

Happier customers

Provide customers with personal touchpoints through familiar messaging. Engage customers at the exact moment they’re ready to buy, whether on your website or in your app.

Chat in real-time—or on your own time

Set clear expectations with customers based on your team’s bandwidth, and collect upfront information for follow-up later.

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