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Are you considering introducing a high quality Conversational AI (also known as a Chatbot or Voicebot) in your customer service, website or messaging channels? You are in the right place.

Our team will help you analyse and understand your case for automation, and help you introduce the best practices and the best tools for serving your customers in a superior way. We will you guide through your journey towards the future of digital customer experience.

We build premium Conversational AI solutions, that bring the customer journey and experience to the next level. Understanding of the customer journey, design of conversations that support that journey, implementation of those conversations using a combination of technologies like Natural Language Processing, a conversational AI framework like our product ROBO.AI, RASA or Microsoft Bot Framework, and integration with other systems, like a CRM or a Customer Service software.


We have experience in applying Conversational AI in different industries.


Automate your lead generation using a multichannel Conversational AI.

Streamline your claim and renewal processes.


Increase customer engagement on various channels, generate leads, book test drives, configure cars, schedule appointments.


Help improving patient’s quality of life with Conversational AI.


Increase efficiency of your customer service and provide 24/7 support with the help of a multi-channel conversational AI.

Case Studies

Some case studies we’ve done with Conversational AI.

Customer Service Chatbot for Netcom BW.

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Car sales bot for smart.

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Our Process

1. Analyse

Find the automation potential.

Do you need to improve efficiency and provide 24/7 customer experience? Does it seem that there are no good tools for realising these ambitions? Is it difficult to build a business case that works for you?

Build a case for automation

What are most frequent cases in your customer service and customer communication? Are you collecting this data?

How can you automate such conversations and tasks? Is it worth it? How can you calculate the business case? We help you to understand the processes and the numbers to build a successful case and roadmap for automation.

2. Minimum Viable Bot (MVB)

Try to the top 5 cases and measure.

Give it a try for your organisation or directly with your customers. We can help you to build a 15-day proof of concept where you can test the Conversational AI in the real world – with your own dialogues and your own back-end systems.

We will analyse your data, identify your top topics and  set up the dialogues in just a few days on a cloud platform. You will be able to see exactly how easy and intuitive it is to train the AI to understand your customers’ requests. See how Conversational AI can quickly automate the most common cases.

3. Full Speed

Build and Train the Full Conversational AI.

We will build you a premium conversational AI  with our team of linguists, conversational designers, data scientists and developers. In just a few weeks, we will help you to create a fully functional Service bot that is ready to serve your customers tirelessly around the clock. You will have one of the best solutions on the market.

4. Use

Improve continuously

A good automation journey is a continual process of improvement. There will always be new needs arising from your customers and new services you want to roll out. We are happy to provide you assistance in further developing the dialogues and integrations. Our AI support services will help you to regularly analyse the dialogues and fine tune them. Our expert team will help you to further develop them so you can continually optimize the degree of automation and the optimization of your customer service.

Premium Packages

A Chabot that really servers your customers, is never an off-the-shelf product. It always needs expertise, dedication and skill to be developed. Other topics like integration and continous maintenance and improvement are key in this process. Regardless of the technology, this is a given.

We have packages for implementing premium chatbots to different business areas. We will bring our assets and expertise, and help offer your customers a really superior customer experience.


Customer Service Chatbot for Telco and Internet Service Providers.

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IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk chatbot

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Insurance Sales and Customer Service Chatbot.

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Chatbots and Conversational AI are not the same thing.

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