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Data Solutions

Knowledge in the hands of the right people.

Data is useful in the hands of those that need to make decisions.

From knowing what happened (Descriptive Analytics), high-performing companies need to know what will happen (Predict Analytics) and what actions they should take (Prescriptive Analytics).

Natural Language Processing

Techniques such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimisation,  Clustering Analysis or Predictive Modelling generate insights and enable better business decisions, improve operations, create smarter products and deliver superior customer experience.

We develop algorithms and customised mathematical models based on our Data Science, Analytics and Data Engineering experience, enabling companies to use the data at their disposal and converting it into competitive advantage.


Every organisation faces unique challenges and priorities when it comes to delivering value. Data-led Transformation leverages modern platforms, AI and a strong data foundation to deliver sustainable growth.

Operational Efficiency

Enable operational efficiency that provide the flexibility to support changing business requirements and priorities, improving your responsiveness, agility and speed to value.

New Products and Services

Differentiate your organisation by leveraging data and AI to extend into new domains, reinvent your offerings and evolve with the confidence you can scale to meet changing demand and priorities.


of executives felt confident they had the necessary information and insights to make informed business decisions during the pandemic.


of executives plan to accelerate digital transformation, including an emphasis on moving to cloud (26% increase compared to pre-covid).


revenue growth when digital operating models are used to drive agility at speed.


of organizations lack an enterprise data strategy to fully capitalize on their data assets.

Source: Accenture

Take the right steps

Start the journey to become data-driven.

Data Integration

Scattered data across IT systems is a common challenge. We integrate data from different sources into a common repository or data lake.


Exploratory data analysis to with techniques like clustering to identify patterns, trends or groups. Get a better understanding of what kind of questions can be answered.


Development of data-driven or analytical models that predict the future or classify samples.

Visualise and Act

Get insights and early warnings based on analytics or predictions.


A world of applications of Data Engineering, Data Science, and Machine Learning across the industry.

Health and Life Sciences

Powering data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes.


Connect distributed systems to power smarter operations.

Industrial Manufacturing

Know what is happening. Integrating data and creating a digital twin.

Automotive & Mobility

Leading the charge in mobility across manufacturing, supply chain, quality and more.


Enabling energy companies to build competitive advantage.

Financial Services

Meet the demands of tomorrow’s customers, regulators and markets.

Palantir Foundry experts.

Our team has experience in implementing end-to-end projects using the Palantir Foundry technology with some of our Enterprise clients.

Palantir Foundry is a central operating system that fuses massive amounts of data from financial, operational, and technical systems and then delivers intuitive end-user interfaces that enable optimised decision-making. Foundry software is currently deployed in more than 40 countries and is used by companies such as Merck, Airbus, and Ferrari.


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