Product Development

Go to market faster.

Scale your AI and Data product development with a truster partner.

We have a talented product-minded team can help you design and build a scalable cloud-based product with the latest technology.


Thanks to our agile methodologies, we will deliver what is important, when you need it.

Product Mindset

We have built products in the past and know the difference. Our team is product-minded and will help you think your roadmap through.

Partner Attitude

We think of ourselves as partner to our customers, not just a vendor. We think strategically.

Skilled Team

Our team is skilled and will help you with industry experience, scalability, security and quality.


We support you in the whole product conception and development journey. From prototype through MVP to market-ready product.

Product Vision

Helping you collecting and analysing information about your project, its market, and its end users, allows us to clearly define the project goals, scope of work, and limitations. This will allow us to assess business opportunities and create a product vision with you.

Product Design

This is a multi-step process at the junction of engineering, management, and user experience (UX) design. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what the final product will look like and feel like. It also defines what tasks the product will handle and with what tools it will do so.

Product Engineering

Establish the roadmap and the team to provide a predictable development process. Create efficient projects with the latest technologies and brand-new approaches.


When we work with our partners, we care about the solution, not the tools. We are vendor agnostic, but we do have some preferred open source technologies and proprietary products we work with.

Business Analysis and Reasearch

Enhance multichannel engagement, providing natural language interfaces, self-service systems, chatbots, email management and optimize other customer channels.

Full-Stack Web Development

We work with the most modern Web Development frameworks like Angular or React, and backend technologies like Node JS, Java, Python or C#.


We have a brilliant UX team that can help you prototype and test your user experience.

DevOps and Cloud

Our team is skilled and experienced in AWS, Azure, GCP and other cloud providers. We are also fluent with containerisation with Docker, Kubernetes and similar technologies.

Quality Assurance

Automated testing, UI, APIs, load, performance is just part of what we do. Quality is part of our DNA.

Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

Capitalize on intellectual property, capture opportunities and threats and monitor scientists to enhance decision-making processes.

Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI

We are NLP experts. Named Entity Recognition, Document Classification, Semantic Search, Information Extraction, Conversational AI.

System's Integration

We integrate new products with legacy technology because we know that this is key to many businesses.

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