Who are we

We develop highly innovative SaaS products and provide consultancy in Cognitive Computing, IBM Watson and IoT.
Since 2013, Two Impulse has been delivering solutions to clients in the United States, Germany and Switzerland .
We offer consultancy in Cognitive Computing and help clients realize the transformative value of cognitive business. Cognitive is a model of computing that includes a range of technology innovations in Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Passion to Perform

We are passionate about our work and strive to become better every day. We take pride in serving you the best we can.


We are creative. Our solutions are original and we always try to be different.


Less is more. Often the simplest solution to a problem is the right one.


We cultivate transparency in what we do. As our customer, you know  where you are and what you can expect, every step of the way.


The world is rapidly changing and we welcome that change. We plan for change together with our customers. We pride ourselves to follow most of the principles of the agile manifesto.

Reliable Results

Credibly brand standards compliant users without extensible services.

Team Members