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Conversational AI

Build Chatbots and Voicebots.

With ROBO-AI, you can introduce a bot that automates whole conversations with your customers. Start small with a FAQ bot, and quickly expand to Sales and Customer Support.

Live Messenger

Omni-Channel Messaging. Are you realizing the potential of talking to customers on every channel they use?

Talk to your customers on your Website, on Facebook, WhatsApp, text message (SMS), Telegram or others.

People spend more time messaging on their phones than on any other activity. Customers prefer talking to brands that offer messaging channels for sales and support. What are you waiting for? Get yourself there NOW.

The Platform

The ROBO-AI platform connects customers with organizations through the web and messaging channels.



ROBO-AI is not just yet another Messenger or a Chatbot platform. It is built based on our experience of many years providing Customer Service solutions to customers.  We built tools that are unique on the market and enable developing and maintaining high quality scalable chatbots. For a better user experience.


Build a bot for your product catalogue in days, not weeks.
It scales even if you have 1 million items.


Channel, CRM, Customer Service and E-Commerce integrations.


Our system is pro-active in the learning process.
Save 80% costs while continuously improving your digital assistant.

Industry Solutions

We have solutions specific to different industries. There’s no need to start from scratch. Let’s build something together in few weeks.

Answers to Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ), allows customers to discover products, solve problems etc. All in a multi-channel conversational experience on your Website, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Enabling Digital Insurance. With the ROBO-AI Digital Insurance Solution, you can offer a full digital experience for the entire insurance value chain.

Customers can discover and subscribe to your insurance products in a complete digital experience.

Generate leads by engaging with your visitors in conversation. Help them find the right car or service partner. Improve your customer service and save costs.

With the ROBO-AI Data-Driven Conversation, we make possible to create a conversational experience that scales.

Connect your product catalogue to a Conversational AI that is able to help customers find their product and purchase it on every channel. Bring your online shop everywhere!

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